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Gliding Phase

Marketing requires consistent hammering of contents thus needs a strategy plans.


Setting up a stage

This is typically the first phase where we will need access to some of your business communication techniques, social pages, email domains. We create a plan for Account based marketing with denied demographics. This will include the target audience, age, education, experience, locations.

Lead Generation

Drawing Board

We go back to our drawing board to create the strategy for brand awareness, image building, internet presentation color pallets, logo usage mechanism, developing the go-to-market communication messages and value propositions to promote and distributions.


Smart Budgeting

Although it may seem daunting, working out how to budget your marketing money doesn’t need to be hard. With our practical budgeting tips, saving up for your short- and long-term goals can almost seem effortless.


Value Creatives

Drive your creatives for value. Setting up right tone with service values, brand identity and uniformity is must to brand. Setting up a creative pallet is must to broadcast and create uniqueness. 

Social Media Management


Sparking up the fire is when we start meeting the short plans of the strategy. Setting up and meeting the daily milestones from followers, engagements and reactions. This is where we drive the traffic to sources. Driving, collecting and qualifying. Opening multiple channels for lead flow to start filling the lead sheets!

Online Management


The most anticipated phase. To reach to the committed deliverables, backed by social creatives, awareness campaign, driving traffic, consistent content flow its time to collect leads. Putting all leads in a single system to track the count and quality.

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